GAME OF THRONES fans have been busy speculating about what will happen in the upcoming season eight and one popular theory predicts Arya Stark will die in a heartbreaking twist.

Over the course of the show, fans have been kept in the dark over the identity of Azor Ahai but one Game of Thrones fan believes they’ve worked out who the Prince That Was Promised is.

Furthermore, they believe that the character will play a large part in Arya’s (played by Maisie Williams) death.

The theory suggests that Gendry (Joe Dempsie) is actually Azor Ahai and despite being a bastard he will end up on the Iron Throne.

It then argues that he can be legitimised by Kings and Queens and, in the final run, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will ensure he can rule Westeros.

Reddit user ascott767 mused: “So for all intents and purposes, Gendry is a prince.

“Now, it’s told that Azor Ahai must forge his weapon by killing someone he/she loved with it so this theory is that in season eight, Gendry and Arya will have a bunch of flirtations that turn out to be love.

“Jon, Dany, and the dragons all die leaving Gendry to lead with Davos and Jaime advising him.

“Jon legitimises Gendry from his deathbed. Gendry will kill Arya fulfilling the prophecy and making him Azor Ahai reborn.

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